Despair. Desire. Determination. The story of Ruebx Qube is one of perseverance in the face of adversity, of a personality seasoned with grit and of a man driven by his feverish love for music.

Born Eric Neal in 1984 in Houston, Texas, Ruebx Qube (pronounced “Rubik’s Cube”) was the son of a teenage mother who gave birth to him when she was only 15-years-old. They were poor and the household lacked the material comforts many take for granted, such as a color television.

As with millions of others around the world, Neal was influenced by the music of Michael Jackson, not only for the music he created, but also for the racial and societal barriers he broke. From a very early age, Neal developed an affinity with pop music. Houston’s DJ Madd Hatter on 97.9FM “The Box” influenced the young Neal and each morning before school, he would listen to the MADD Hatter morning show. Neal was hooked on music. At age five he began piano lessons and alto-saxophone at age 12. In school, he participated in the school orchestra, falling in love with orchestral music and music composition.

Fast-forward to age 19 and Neal was enrolled in the University of Miami with every expectation of living a normal college kid’s life. Alas, life had challenges in store, challenges most 19-year-olds luckily never have to face. Grieving the death of a close friend, Neal’s mother suffered a nervous breakdown that forced him to drop-out of college and return home to look after his mother. The deep bout of clinical depression that followed forced Neal to make the decision to involuntarily commit his mother to a psychiatric hospital. This was not an easy choice to make.

With no adults to help nor income at the time, the rent fell into arrears and Neal quickly found himself homeless. For three months, Neal would find himself squatting in an abandoned apartment, crying himself to sleep each night. Neal recalled, “I slept next to the window and it rained every night. I remember the moonlight was like a night light because it shined through the window while I slept.”

After being forcibly evicted from the apartment by an angry building manager and the local police, Neal found himself walking sadly down the street when an old friend and fan spotted him. “His name was Roderick Johnson. He’d never seen me in that condition before. He took me to dinner…and I remember sitting in his car talking about music. He was the number one fan of my music and Roderick would listen to my mixtapes rather than listen to the radio! I’ll never forget him exclaiming to me, ‘You’re the richest homeless person I’ve ever met,’” said Neal. It was at that moment that Neal decided he had no more time to waste.

Before the Ruebx Qube alias was born, Neal had made a name for himself in local circles under the production pseudonym, SX-FO. The SX-FO track that broke through was the tune, “Party With You,” which Neal wrote and on which he sings and raps. The radio-friendly track caught-on within the underground nightclub scene and ignited somewhat of a firestorm when played out in Miami nightclubs. Ultimately, the track was featured on an episode of “Miami Music Television” (ABC-TV) performed live by Neal as SX-FO from Club MIA, a venue made infamous on the reality TV show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” It was during this period that Neal got deeper into production and was hired by a number of huge-name urban artists to work on music for their own releases.

In 2009, Neal had resolved to act on his promise and he packed up and moved to Miami. That same year, his old friend Roderick Johnson was killed in a motorcycle accident. Said Neal, “I remember gazing upon him at the wake. I felt like I’d lost a part of myself. That made me look at my life differently and I promised him that I would make it for the both of us. I felt like I had lost the only person who truly believed in me.” Turning his grief into song, Neal performed his friend’s favorite song, a song written by Neal himself, “Still In Love With You.” After Roderick’s passing, Neal wrote and dedicated a new song for his lost friend, titled, “Tear From An Angel.”

In 2010, Neal was introduced to radio jock and star DJ/producer, Markus Schulz. Schulz remembered Neal from the “Party With You” track. The two became fast friends and were soon hanging out in Schulz’s studio together, the Berliner soliciting feedback and input from the American. By this point, Neal had already had his share of celebrity friends, yet he remained determined to strike out on his own and create his own sound. The Ruebx Qube persona and Beyond The Qube Music Group record label were born. From the beginning to this day, pop music has always held the strongest allure for Neal, and it is the format with which he feels the most comfortable. His sound is much more EDM (electronic dance music) than it is urban. As for live shows, Ruebx Qube is regularly booked to DJ at venues in and around the greater-Miami and Orlando areas, including but not limited to: Club 50 at the Viceroy Hotel; Kitchen 305; Stigma; and House Nightclub; as well as at private parties sponsored by Coca-Cola and for various nonprofit organizations including those that benefit the homeless.

Neal has just completed his long-awaited debut studio album which will be released in two parts as EPs, the first being Water (Part 1) in the early part of 2015, with Part 2 to follow later in the year. Now 30-years-old, Ruebx Qube is fully prepared to bury his past traumas and focus single-mindedly on his passion for creating music. With this kind of determination, who knows what the future will bring? For more information, contact EMILY TAN Media Relations at, +1(917) 318-3758 and visit

About RuEbx Qube

Ruebx Qube is an EDM producer/DJ based out of Miami Beach, Florida. He is also the founder of Beyond the Qube Radio Broadcast.

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